This Kindergarten Teacher Was Fired because of Her Pics on Instagram

Here is the story of Marjorie David, a teacher who lost her job because of Instagram.

The personal life or the job; what’s wrong with having both?

Marjorie David is a pretty young woman who, like the majority of young adults, likes to share the events of her life by posting photos on social networks. Proud of her beautiful body, she didn’t hesitate to exhibit her attractive curves on some of these shots. This shocked some parents of children with seemingly conservative tastes. Some mothers have sought to spy on the young woman by checking out her accounts on different social networks, and they then criticized her by accusing her of “too provocative poses” for someone who works with young children.

At just 25, it’s evident that Marjorie does not hesitate to appear in tight outfits that accentuate her wasp waist and plunging neckline. But after all, her private life and social networks are her own, isn’t it? An outraged mom, who was the first to locate the young woman’s accounts online, doesn’t agree: “I found her Instagram account by chance,” she said, “and I was extremely shocked at her too sexual attitude for a teacher. ” (Her words were quoted by The Sun).

At the beginning of the scandal, the mother expresses her indignation: “It is really indecent to pose like that when you are a teacher, this could have a bad influence on the children. I believe that as a parent I have the right to require adequate attitude from those to whom I entrust my children. ”

After that, Marjorie had to report to the school board, whose members asked of her to remove the photos that caused the scandal, or delete her accounts on social networks. After the young woman refused, the school just stopped paying her salary.

Her colleagues also sided with the school, sharing the opinion expressed by another teacher: “Everyone publishes photos on social networks, and most of the time the people who watch them are friends. But when working with children, it is understood that a certain code of conduct must be respected. For example, I publish photos at home or at the gym, I avoid everything that could be shocking.”

Ostracised by both parents and colleagues, Marjorie was forced to resign. We find it distressing the way the events unfolded, and we hope well-meaning reader will be able to help the young woman find a new job.

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